Open Source AI Funding Will Dry Up

Free open source Generative AI is going to run out of funding.  It is expensive and legally risky to create generative AI models. Also, open source AI models can be deployed by anyone, anywhere, which, while advantageous, enables misuse. In this article, I am going to explain my reasoning focusing on the abuses and the costs associated with free open source generative AI. Fraud/CSAM First, open-source generative AI is increasingly being abused. It is being utilized to commit fraud and generate CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material). AI’s role in facilitating fraud is well documented. It excels at mimicking voices and rewriting text to enhance the credibility of email scams. As large companies have improved their monitoring tools to combat these abuses, fraudulent actors have turned to open-source models to evade oversight. Consequently, there will be mounting pressure on major corporations to avoid creating models that can be exploited for fraud, leading them to discontinue open-source wor